Handsome Men Are S*xually Weak, I’d Rather Date An Ugly Man – Ghanaian Actress

Xandy Kamel
Ghanaian actress, Xandy Kamel, has revealed that she will not date or even marry a s*xually weak man.
Speaking on ‘IN BED WITH ADWEN’, Xandy said, "I really love s*x and it will be a loss to me to be in a relationship with a man who can’t please me s*xually.”
According to her, some women fall in love and judge the potency of men based on their looks and look down on other men because they may not be handsome.
“But these pretty guys can’t please a woman in bed, while the ones they look down on may be very good in bed and make a woman reach an orgasm,” she added.
She reiterated that she will worship a man with s*xual prowess no matter how he looks, than be with a man with good looks but s*xually weak.

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