Gold-themed Luxurious Living Room Decor

If you’re obsessed with gold and planning to give your living room a luxurious makeover, you’re at the right place.

Here, we’ve rounded up some great and easy ways to give your living space a golden makeover. So, let’s get started! A golden touch can make a huge impact in your living area. By incorporating small gold-themed décor accents, you can transform your ordinary space into an extraordinary one.

Some ways to do this are:

A Gold Chandelier

A chic and stylish chandelier carrying hints of gold adds wonder to your living room. If you want to make the space sparkle, invest in a golden chandelier, and you’ll surely love the result.
An important tip – Get a chandelier that features more glass and golden touches on its arms. This will lend a graceful feeling to your space. Match it with fabrics and furniture around the space to create a modern living room.

Combine Gray and Gold

Choose ottoman, upholstered chair and sofa, each featuring gold trimmings. It will make your living room look classic and stunning instantly.
Opt for artwork frames and table lamps in golden shade. These accessories will infuse sophistication and glamor into your space instantly.
Light gray pairs well with gold details. So, go for it when it comes to upholstered furnishing. A dark-shaded accent wall with gold wall art will also result in a dramatic effect.

Sunburst Mirrors

You love gold! But, don’t want to paint your walls golden. In this scenario, you can refine your living room using country sunburst mirrors featuring golden frames.

In addition, gold sunburst mirrors on walls provide glitzy touches to your space. They look elegant and timeless. Pair it up with gray walls, taupe armchairs, and a cream sofa to lend your space a calming and luxurious vibe.

Gold Furniture and Fabric

Gold furniture is trendy! So, it’s the right and high time to add splendor to your living space by using gold furnishing.

Make sure you place gold-themed furniture strategically in your room. To amp up the look, you can get fabric with golden hints and place them around the space.

For example, curtains and pillows featuring golden accents will look awesome. These will add luxury to your living area instantly.

Mix of Black, White and Gold

The brilliant and meticulous use of gold, black and white will lend grandeur to your living space while making it look captivating. Incorporate different patterns to lend an instant visual interest to this room.

Black flooring and furniture add drama to the room. Contrast it impressively with all-white walls. Add hints of gold using gold throw pillows and other décor accents to glorify the area.

Additionally, a cowhide rug and marble fireplace will ooze the entire decor.
Final Idea – Eclectic Lamps
Exposed brick wall and metal track lighting! How does the combo sound? Interesting no? Bring rustic industrial flavors to your living room with eclectic lamps. Accentuate the look using a lounge bench and mismatched armchairs to add comfort.

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