Floyd Mayweather Splashes $5m For a Precious Gift To Daughter For Her 18th Birthday (Photos)

Floyd, Yaya and her mother
Undefeated American boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather, who has bought almost everything that money can buy for himself and his family, has once again, splashed some millions of dollars on his daughter, Iyana ‘Yaya’ Mayweather, who celebrated her 18th birthday on Sunday.
Yaya Mayweather
The self acclaimed world’s greatest boxer, bought Yaya a $5 million ring. He purchased the diamond, which is an 18ct Canary diamond, at PRISTINE JEWELERS. Its simply amazing, and one of the most beautiful rings one can ever seen.
The designer behind Iyanna’s colossal bling described it as follows: “Happy bday @moneyyaya … That 18ct Canary PRISTINE looking great.”
Iyanna does not care about people’s reaction; she confessed that she loves the ring and cannot stop looking at it. Before following up with a photo, she said: "I just can’t stop staring at it."

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