Flavour’s baby mama, Anna Banner reacts as Music exec Soso Soberekon berates stigmatizing single moms


Music executive, Soso Soberekon has lent his voice regarding stigmatizing single moms and Anna Banner could also relate to it.


Soso Soberekon had made a post, urging people to stop adding to the pains of single mothers because many of them are good women. He wrote:

“Stop adding pains to single mothers, most of them are good women & faithful, Just that they fall Into wrong hands of men.”

In response, while quoting the same post on her Instagram story, most beautiful girl in Nigeria 2013, Anna Banner opened up on the challenges of being a single mum.

The mother of one, who shares a daughter with singer Flavor, took to her Instagram story to comment on the discrimination and stigma single mothers face.

She avowed that people don’t talk on the stigma single mothers go through, how they are being pre judged, and the discrimination they face from most brands.

Defending all single mothers, Anna Banner stated that it isn’t a disease. She wrote:

“No one talks about the stigma that comes with being a single mom! It’s quite sad. People judge you before meeting you. Being a single mom isn’t a disease my dear.
Single moms also experience discrimination from most brands! Yes! I said it!”.


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