Fireboy DML meets elderly white fan who sang ‘Peru’ word-for-word

A white man who is a lover of Fireboy DML’s music finally got a chance to meet his favourite artiste in person.


The elderly man with TikTok username @birovr had gone viral when he was captured on tape singing Peru passionately during Fireboy’s performance at Wembley Stadium.

A meeting between fan and artiste finally took place at the backstage of the Wireless Festival in London few weeks after the video from Wembley circulated online.

Fireboy and the man performed a lovely duet in the short footage and people cheered.

@birovr wrote; “Such a pleasure to meet @fireboydml backstage @wirelessfestival and make this short duet together. So much fun and totally unexpected!!! I will definitely see you next time you are in London.”

Watch the video below:


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