Fans react after Basketmouth explains why he did not vote


Nigerian comedian and actor, Bright Okpocha, better known as Basketmouth recently released an official statement explaining why he did not participate in the 2023 presidential election.


In the statement, which seemed genuine, he explained that he had shows outside of Nigeria and that his international shows were planned a year before to secure a good venue.

Meanwhile, changing a venue due to the election date would have caused him logistical hazard.

He wrote: I have always spoken up about the wrongs in this country. It’s quite unfortunate that I missed elections this year. However, my international show are planned one year so as to secure the date and venue.

To have changed my date on such short notice would have been a logistical hazard not to myself but to the whole crew. Elections have not always been in February… he continued.

Basketmouth who is known to always speak up about wrong doings in the Nigeria, also showed appreciation to Nigerian youths and fans who went out to vote.

He said: I am proud of every Nigerian Youth for taking a stand. Thank you to my true fans that understood and still came out for me.

Fans react after Basketmouth’s gives his apology statement

It is a well-known fact that a large number of Nigerian youths are seeking a political party to triumph.

Nonetheless, in the tabulation of the outcome, although the victor has yet to be declared, it appears that the said party needs to catch up.

Nigerians, for reasons best known to them, have passed aggression on the comedian for his honest apology.

One Iammartinslim responded by saying: Abeg make una go sit down one place…we fought for our vote to be counted and we got it Thank you.

Another use wrote: Bros abeg no Even come back again 😂😂..bcus this country Nigeria needs serious purging.

Another one penned: baba go and sit down..You are part of the problems we re facing now.

While another user mentioned: Abeg no be today you don dey condemn their mumu.


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