Drake Reportedly Disapproves Upcoming “Houston To Toronto” Documentary

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Rapper Drake

Drake nor his team apparently had nothing to do with upcoming documentary.


Yesterday, a trailer to a new Drake documentary surfaced from social media influencer, MarQuis Trill. The documentary was supposed to be made of up different clips of Drake over his career from his visits to Houston. More so than telling the story of Drake’s rise, it seemed to have more to do with Trill’s come up by documenting Drake throughout his career. While the trailer surfaced yesterday, it looks like Drake and his team aren’t really down with it.

Drake and his team reportedly had nothing to do with the upcoming “Houston To Toronto” documentary, TMZ reports. Trill had allegedly claimed that Rap-A-Lot Records had co-signed the documentary which is also slated to be a false claim as well. Their sources have said that Jas Prince, Drake’s manager, and Drake had no active involvement with the production. In addition, the interview and performance clips that were supposed to be in the feature were all previously released.

Marquis Trill also mentioned on Twitter that he’d be shooting inside of Drake’s new Toronto mansion. This claim has also been determined to be a lie. The film was slated to release this summer but with these new revelations, we’re not sure if it’ll end up coming out or not. Regardless, it’s unfortunate that this isn’t an official project.

In other Drake related news, the rapper was recently announced as the most streamed artist of 2017. Over the course of the year, the rapper had six billion streams which makes him the only artist to have that many streams in one year.


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