Comedy is a form of therapy, not just entertainment, says Bovi

In case you were wondering what Bovi has been up to after his last ‘Naughty by Nature’, show in 2021, well, the comedian spoke at the press conference held on 8th July 2022 at Eko Hotel on how much has been put in place to make the next edition of ‘Naughty by Nature’ coming up on 17th July, 2022 at Eko Hotel, Victoria Island, a great success.


According to the comedian and actor, Bovi Ugboma, comedy has progressed from making jokes to assisting people in keeping their sanity.

“I ensure that people get value for their money. It is not just about entertainment, it is also a form of therapy. I feel comedians should be designated as doctors” he said.

Dapo Akinwale, one of the sponsors, Tulcan Energy speaks on why they chose to sponsor Bovi brand, he said, “We understand that Bovi brand has a sustainable value, it’s not a brand that is bound to fall tomorrow that’s why we chose to stand by Bovi.”

He also stated that his company, Tulcan Energy decided to support the ‘Bovi brand’ after years of watching from the sidelines.

However, according to Bovi, ‘Naughty By Nature’ was influenced by two things: the fact that he had often been called ‘naughty’ over the years, and his propensity to say a lot of ‘naughty’ things at the concert on July 17.



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