Come out with your full chest and sell “towtow” – Dan Dizzy slams Caramel Plugg, others


Nigerian rapper, Dan Dizzy whose real name is Tuotamuno Daniel Darius has attacked influencer, Caramel Plugg over a recent comment.


A podcast went viral yesterday where Caramel Plugg was caught revealing that women have men for everything. She literally translated her comment to the fact that women have kept several men for numerous reasons.

Further buttressing her point, Caramel disclosed that women have those who give them money. Also, those who satisfy them in bed, and provide emotional support, and attention to mention a few.

Caramel Plugg’s comment sat wrongly with Dan Dizzy who slammed her in a recent tweet via the microblogging platform, Twitter.

He, however, asked Caramel and other influencers to come forth and sell their bodies with their full chest.

In his words:

“After listening to all these podcasts I just feel some of these women need to come out with their full chest and sell towtow, so that we can identify the nonsex workers easily, life is too short to be falling in love with an ash*wo.

One said “you want me to open my leg” as if the towtow has not been manhandled by 6 broke ni as and 2 semi rich ni as who still left or chc ted after all the heavenly towtow. My conclusion is that most of these modern day feminists will accept patriarchy if the man is rich enough. “


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