Billionaire Wedding: See Luxury Items Given To Guests At Dangote Daughter’s Wedding (Ptuneo)

Jamil and Fatima
‘Fatima weds Jamil’ is gradually turning out to be the stuff fairytale nuptials are made of. 
Everything about the different ceremonies reminds one that the two families are most definitely financial powerhouses, with awesome means, resources and wherewithal. 
While Fatima’s dad is the richest African alive and one of the world’s richest men, Jamil’s dad was the former Inspector General of Police of Nigeria, the very pinnacle of a policeman’s career. 
Not ending there, Jamil himself is a very rich, affluent, and a serious super car buff who owns some of the most awesome cars in his garage, not to talk of his humongous watch collection that can build several houses for some people.
So, you can imagine that whatever would concern the Dangotes and the Abubakars would be top notch, over the top, seven star by all standards and first class all the way.
Check out the picture of the beautiful, colourful smart small travel boxes that the couple, Jamil and Fatima have packaged as gifts for those privileged enough to be guests at their nuptial.
The gifts in question

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