Beautiful Actress, Bose Alao Reveals Her Biggest Fear So Far In Her Career

Bose Alao
Beautiful and petite mother of four, Bose Alao Omotoyosi in this chat with Entertainer bares her mind on motherhood, being a wife, a business owner and an actress. The producer of Opa Abo, Bomi Lasiri, Imoran Ika and Olasubomi who has featured in many Nollywood movies in the past 12 years also gives her advice on domestic violence and opens up on her regrets and what it feels like adding another year.
How do you feel as you add another year?
Oh my God! I feel so great. The love was overwhelming and I appreciate every person who reached out to me; it was a mind blowing birthday experience!
What would you say has changed about you?
A whole lot (laughter). I think I am a little bit more mature in my reasoning and the way and manner I handle things.
I would say I am a better person now. I have learnt to keep quiet when necessary and also speak up for myself when need be. Let me tell you what, there is a new Bose Alao Omotoyosi but I am not one of those that do this new year resolution thing. However, I just know that yearly, I want to be a better person. I also want a step up in my career and marriage.
You are a proud mother of four adorable girls, how are you coping?
OhmyGod!Itisawholelotof work I must say. It is draining but at the same time fantastic! You know there are times when you want to have peace of mind, you just want to be alone but you can’t be alone. It is fun though. God has been faithful! It has been a wonderful journey all the way. My children a‎re my best friends.
Do you plan having more kids?
Kuku ma kill me o….well, I do not plan to have more children but in case I get pregnant again, I am sure I won’t abort it. As for my husband, I am sure he doesn’t have any such plans either. But you know, in life, anything can happen. Seriously, I am not particular about the sex of a child. Whatever God gives me is mine.
What is up between you and your husband?
Sorry, I am not answering anything about my husband and I…
Have you guys settled your differences?
We are lovers, we are husband and wife so we fight and we make up.
Aside acting, what else do you do for a living?
Oh my! You don’t want to know (laughter). I do ticketing, I sell human hair and nails. I sell a whole lot of things, you just name it. I am a risk taker. I do anything legal and legit to bring in money. I also have some endorsement deals. I am brand ambassador for Pragmatic Homes and Mary Mark Professional Skin Care. I am also an ambassador for Ntel, formerly Nitel. I am their only ambassador in Nigeria.
Are you living the life of your dreams?
Hmmm… I never expected this! Well, I will say not yet. I am still growing. Let us just stop there. I don’t want to sound like an ingrate.
Can Bose Alao drop acting for anything in this world?
Hell no! I can’t drop acting for anything. I can step down for a while but I will always come back. It is my first love. It is part of me. I remember when I had my twins, it wasn’t easy juggling acting, motherhood and my business so I had to step down on the acting and when I felt I had found my balance, I started acting again. My twins will be 11 years old pretty soon.
Does your stature deprive you of anything?
Not at all… I’m bold and beautiful in my own skin.
What do you have to say about domestic violence in marriages these days?
It needs to stop! We actually have to put an end to it.
Can you allow your children to go into acting?
If they like. I have a drama queen in my house already. I am watching her but I won’t dictate for any of my kids. Whatever would be would be. My mother wanted me to be a doctor because of my performance in school when I was young. I used be a very brilliant ‎science student but as God will have it, passion spoke up for me. Though I still did a science course in the university, I never studied medicine. Actually I studied Biology at UNILAG but I wasn’t fulfilled.
Do you think divorce is the answer to domestic violence?
Domestic violence in its self is deadly! Who wants to cope with violence? And to think that today, it is not only women that are victims; men are also facing it.
If you think divorce will work for you, so be it. If you think it’s separation like giving your selves space, so be it.
All I know is that whatever works for me might not work for you. At times, when you take some action when the issue is fresh, you tend to outdo yourself but when you just separate for the sake of peace, things take shape.
Could you take us back to the beginning of your career?
Okay! My interest and passion pushed me back then. I took permission from my mum and initially she objected. She was like ‘you are very good with your academics, you would be distracted.’ But as God would have it, she later agreed and asked me to write an undertaking that I was going to be a good girl.
That was how I joined a drama group at the National Theatre. I met with a man called Abra who took me to join a group called Awadekerikeri and today, the rest is history. But seriously, I started acting as a child actor. I did a soap for NTA when I was in Primary Six.
Any regret so far?
Yes! I shot a movie that I loved so much, The footage was awesome but I was so careless I entrusted a job worth N12million to a total stranger, someone I had never had worked with before and guess what, everything turned out to be a total mess! It is still a big regret for me.
That I had to lose that kind of a big ‎job, a job where I had the likes of Mercy Johnson, Majid Michael, Rachel Oniga, Antar Laniyan and many other fantastic actors was a very sad experience for me but what can I do? Life goes on.
As a mother and a role model to young up coming actors, what is your advice to them regarding their choice of life partner?
They should pray more, love their spouse unconditionally and have it in mind that whatever works for A might not work for B. Let your home be based on Christ Jesus.
What project are you working on at the moment?
Right now, the script is sealed with the script writer. We are working on The Skillet Woman, among others.
Source: Sun News

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