#BBNaija: 3 Things I Learned About Nigerians

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I really wasn’t a big fan of this show all through, and really, it wasn’t about that statistic that predicted how much Nigerians spent (or wasted) voting for their favorite housemates.
I really loved the passion people had for the show, with a number of YouTube channels springing up, just to analyze the Big Brother Naija show. After the show, though, I actually noticed a couple things about Nigerians you might actually haven’t noticed.
We are hypocrites
First, you can imagine two matured individuals having sex in the house. The problem wasn’t that they actually had s*x in the house, I feel the problem a lot of people had was actually that they had s*x. Anybody who uploaded a YouTube Video with anything close to “S*x” in the title is sure to get massive views because we are after who had s*x next, who kissed next and who had a boner next.
People have sex every day, people not only have sex with their partners, they even have s*x with someone else’s partner. Does the fact that you do yours secretly give you all the authority to judge as wayward those who do theirs publicly? And for a moment, the whole Nigeria got me thinking like this country is a country of saints, smh.
Never trust popular opinion
Hey, even Hillary Clinton was beaten hands down by popular opinion. All of us already predicted the results of the election on social media, but when the time came for results to be called, I wasn’t the only person surprised. If you want to do anything in life, is it a decision…anything, never do it because you think every other person is doing it, you might be surprised at the result.
Who would have believed Cee-C will come ahead of Tobi after all the drama in the house? Who? Well, you might have been able to predict Tobi as even the winner if you were on social media the night before the results were announced.
Always do things because you actually feel happy to do it, make decisions because you think that’s the best decision for you. Never make decisions or choose a path because many people are doing it, you might be stunned by Nigerians.
We are biased
Is it possible to actually see your friend doing something wrong and you correct him right to his face in front of people? I just want to think we sometimes make silly excuses for people who might have actually done something bad because we share something in common.
It wasn’t rare to see women trash talking Cee-C on social media for the way she “talked” to a man, with some saying that not all men can actually withstand that much, and that kinda attitude is actually what turns some men into the beasts that we call “wife-beaters.”
In fact, that actually opened the eyes of the world to what some men are made to face in their own homes, and they are just meant to keep silent because they will always be blamed.
Well, that’s that; while some good women clearly stated that it was wrong for her to have addressed the dude like that, it just was so funny to find some still making excuses for her actions.
Well, humans are different, and we just can’t try to make the opinions of everyone the same. But we can all do something—that’s being balanced in our outlook on things, even if the person involved is our friend or relative, or we just share something in common with them; it could be race, religion, sex, home…anything.
Written by John Adebimitan.

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