Antonio Conte Ends Insulting Fight With Jose Mourinho Says He’s No More Interested

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– Conte also says he feels contempt for Mourinho who had said he felt that way earlier

– Antonio Conte had put an end to his feud with Manchester United’s Jose Mourinho

– Both managers have been raining insults on each other in the past two weeks


Chelsea boss Antonio Conte has said he also feels contempt for Jose Mourinho but adds that he wants their feud ended.

The United boss had said he was not going to continue his feud as he feels contempt for the Italian and Conte says he is unconcerned by Mourinho.

The duo have traded insults over recent weeks; Conte claiming Mourinho was suffering from amnesia after the Manchester United boss branded some of his contemporaries – without naming any individuals – “clowns” for their antics on the touchline.

The Special One responded saying he could not be banned like Conte relating to the four-month ban the Italian served for failing to report alleged match fixing – which he was later acquitted of – while at Siena in 2011.

The Chelsea boss responded by referring to his counterpart as a “little man”.

On Friday, January 12, Mourinho said he wanted an end to the story and Conte has also said the same.

Asked about the United manager’s latest comments, Conte said: “I said I stop. It is the same for me. I do not know if he said this for me. I am not worried, I sleep very well.”

Conte was speaking following Chelsea’s 0-0 draw with Leicester City on Saturday, the first time in the club’s history they have been involved in three successive goalless matches.


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