Actress Shan George Shares Scary Flight Experience On Social Media

Shan George
Veteran actress, Shan George has raised alarm on her Instagram page after sharing a Video of her recent experience on a flight.
She called the attention of the authorities to the poor state of the planes used by the airline in Nigeria which could result in the death of passengers. The actress threatened to expose the airline if they fail to improve their services.
She wrote: "I’ve just landed at my destination and grateful to God we r here in one piece. Seriously, transportation on d road is a write off, (no roads) by water is non existent, by train? just forget it, by air is now becoming extinct wit d kind of planes plying commercial routes.
Nigeria which way ? Ive never been this scared being in a plane, it felt like a molue in d sky, the airconditioner wasnt working and we made do wit manual fanning of ourselves (see d person behind me fanning seriously) I’m very angry right now. (In lasisi’s voice) this airline, I no mention una name this time, but una kno unasef. Change abeg."


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