Actress Kehinde Bankole Welcomes A Baby In The UK

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Actress and TV Host Kehinde Bankole is the latest baby mama in town, Ya, You heard that right, she just welcomed a cute baby in the UK, she’s currently keeping it a deep secret but trust AMonpointTV i got the gist first hand, No gossip is secret with me.


So as you know the Months ago she was rumored to be pregnant but she neither denied or accept..

Time past, we moved, and News reaching me is that she has giving birth, and she’s keeping it secret, Cos she knows the backlash she will recieve as a babymama..

Remember thats how Anna Banner and Yvvonne Nelson hid their own, till they couldn’t hide it no more..

Anyway according to a friend close to her who said i should keep her name secret, the actress and the baby is doing fine and are currently in the UK.. You also recall she was in a rumored relationship with Actor Wale Ojo..

She seems to be good in keeping it secret, but things just got south.. And Boom i published it, Sorry, i can’t keep my mouth stune.

Anyway Congrats to her and the baby..No need to hide.
Expect Ptuneos soon, Remember you read it from AMonpointTV First.


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