2023: Father Mbaka Is Now A Yahoo Yahoo Priest – Doctor Cries Out Over His Attack On Peter Obi

A medical doctor has raised alarm on Facebook that Father Ejike Mbaka has been conquered by the devil.


Obinna Oke called Mbaka a yahoo priest over his latest utterance on Peter Obi, the Labour Party presidential candidate.

Mbaka had claimed that Obi cannot be president because he’s stingy.

Reacting, Oke wrote:

“Fr Mbaka’s unfortunate transition into a yahoo priest is a clear case of the biblical warning that the love of money is the root of all evil and that the devil intentionally seeks to destroy anything of value to God.

Mbaka was conquered by the devil many years ago when he became arrogant and thought himself holier and more important than the church that ordained him a priest.

Mbaka had long dropped the Bible and picked up avarice. Our people say that when you overpraise the weeder he begins to remove the crops as well. It’s not just about his nauseating and unwarranted vituperations against Peter Obi for allegedly being stingy.

Fr Mbaka had long abandoned God to worship money and it’s about time the Catholic Church put him in check.

He deserves to be ostracised. The dog has gone rabid and must either be chained or…., let me not mention pepper soup.”


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