2023 Election: Northern Politicians Now Being Nice, Humble – Shehu Sani


Former lawmaker, Shehu Sani has taken a swipe at Northern politicians, stating that they are now being nice and humble to the people.


According to Sani, this could be as a result of lessons learnt from the February 25 presidential election.

Nigerians trooped out en-masse to decide their next leader during the presidential election and even though there are reports of massive rigging and electoral fraud across the country, the turnout showed that the people, especially the youth, are now prepared to make decisions about who leads them.

Sani, a former representative of Kaduna central Senatorial District in the Bukola Saraki-led 8th Assembly, suggested that the outcome of the election has humbled arrogant politicians in the North.

“Politicians are now being nice and humble,” he tweeted.

“They are reaching out to the displaced and traumatised victims of terrorism, sharing foodstuffs and promising them heaven.

“The same widows and orphans they never visited for years. The voters are the kingmakers, if only they know.”


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