Lady Calls Out Pastor For Owing Her N100k After She Acted Deaf In Fake Miracle Scheme



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A Nigerian lady has accused a pastor of owing her the sum of N100,000 after she participated in a fake miracle scheme.

The unidentified lady, who happens to be a student, claimed that the pastor paid her an advance of N100,000 to feign deafness during a staged miracle session, with the promise of receiving the remaining balance on the same day.

The story surfaced on Facebook through a user identified as Nenye Uzowulu, who shared the student’s appeal for help in her inbox without disclosing the names of the student or the pastor involved.

According to the student, two weeks have passed since the staged miracle, and she has yet to receive the promised balance.

The student expressed frustration, revealing that the pastor’s personal assistant always claims he is too busy to address her concerns when she attempts to contact him.

She wrote;

“A pastor paid me an advance of 100k to act like deaf, which after performing the miracle I’m to be paid my 100k balance the said evening!

“This is two weeks now I’m yet to get my 100,000 balance. Whenever I call him on the phone, his PA will pick up only to tell me he is busy. I know what I did was very wrong in the sight of God. But I’m a student striving so hard to meet up in school.

“Pr*stitution is one thing I vow never to do in my life. He has been using my friends and paying them. Why owe me? How do I get my balance, please. Even the man that connected me is telling me to exercise patience. Till when!”


See Reactions Below;

@Augusta Uzoeto said; “So what do you want us to do now. “You deserve what you are getting na people like you dey use condemn some true Man of God. “If you want us to help you tag the pastor make we kukuma finish the kingdom work or you go do your pro.. situation.”

@Queen J Gold said; “He has paid the man that connected u to him ,omo things dey sub ohhh.”

@RoseBelonwu said; “What u need now is serious prayer and to ask God for his forgiveness, for d balance leave it for them very soon karma will deal with them.”

@Cynthia Successful said; “You fit help us drop the name of the pastor and the man make we go greet them so that he can do miracle for us all ‍♀️. “Miracle working pastor oshi.”



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