Joining A Marriage Fast To Get Someone Else’s Husband To Become Yours Is Witchcraft


Tiphani Montgomery

An American prophetess, Tiphani Montgomery has stated that women who decide to join a marriage fast to steal other people’s husbands are witches.

In a Facebook post, she urged those guilty to repent and ask God for mercy because a covenant breaker is a serious offence in God’s kingdom.

According to her, anyone who sleeps with a married person is in danger of judgment from God.

“A MARRIED MAN THAT YOU ARE NOT MARRIED TO IS NOT YOUR HUSBAND!!! And you gotta be out your mind CRAZY to think that he is. Joining a marriage fast to try getting someone else’s husband to become yours is WITCHCRAFT,” she wrote in a Facebook post on Wednesday, December 7, 2023.
“YOU ARE A WITCH! REPENT AND BEG GOD FOR MERCY!!! A covenant breaker is no light offense in God’s kingdom. And one who sleeps with a married person is in danger of judgement from God. Me calling you dumb is the LEAST of your concerns. Y’all can’t be this slow. I refuse to believe it.”


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