Jimmy Odukoya Mocks South Africans With Tyla’s ‘Water’ (Video)



Nollywood actor turned clergyman, Jimmy Odukoya has made a mockery of South Africans following Super Eagles win over Bafana Bafana.


In a Twitter post, he playfully teased the South Africans with their popular song by Tyla, “Water”.


In a gesture of consolation towards South Africans, Jimmy created a rendition of Tyla’s “Water” dedicated to them.


He acknowledged their commendable performance but emphasized the necessity for Nigeria to emerge victorious.


He posted, “My fellow Nigerians, listen first of all South Africans, well done, the boys played a good game but at this point, it’s time for the boys to go to sleep. It’s your bedtime but as you go to sleep, this song comes to mind, ‘You have played, You have missed now, you have lost your breath, you need water’. But if there is any consolation it is Grammy water.


But you know what we would be praying for you, as you go for the third place.


But you know what my Nigerians, God no go shame us. We are taking the Cup. We are bringing it home. We are the Super Eagles, we keep flying”.

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