Jada Pinkett Reacts to Claims Her Husband Will Smith Is Gay (Video)



Jada Pinkett Smith has rubbished claims that her her husband, Will Smith is gay.



She also denied claims that Smith had s3x with actor Duane Martin.


The King Richard actor, 55, made headlines this week when an interview with a man claiming to be Will’s former personal assistant, Brother Bilaal, went viral on social media..


In the clip, Bilaal claimed he once walked in on the two men having a s3xual encounter in the dressing room.


Will through his representative, denied that he was caught having s3x with his Fresh Prince of Bel-Air co-star Duane.


In a new interview with Chalamagne that god, Jada, 52, revealed the Smith family will be suing Bilaal and defended her estranged husband


She called Bilaal’s anal s3x claims ‘nonsense’ and claimed he has tried extorting money from the family before.


Watch the video below


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