It Is Unfair How Nigerians Treat Effeminate Men Without Money



A career coach, Olabode Ifeanyi, has taken to ‘X’ to appeal to Nigerians to treat effeminate men with respect even if they are not wealthy.


He stated that if they were treated in a normal manner, they wouldn’t amount to 19.3% of the overall su*cide rate.

Ifeanyi stated this while reacting to a birthday shoutout filmmaker, Editi Effiong shared on X celebrating Ezra Olubi, the co-owner of fintech company, Paystack.

Ezra has made news a few times due to his sense of style as he wears lipstick and coloured fingernails.

Editi shared a video of he and Ezra dancing together and wished him a happy 37th birthday over the weekend.

While reacting to Editi’s post, Ifeanyi expressed his love for Ezra and what he has achieved but highlighted that Ezra gets treated with respect unlike other effeminate men, because he’s rich.

He wrote;

‘’First let me start by saying I love Ezra so much .

That being said , it is unfair how Nigerians treat effeminate men WITHOUT MONEY.

 If  fem boys are treated with half the respect Ezra gets, they wouldn’t amount to 19.3% of overall su*cide rate.

 We need to show love to people without money too! We are all human afterall.

What makes this even sad is the fact that I once worked with an ex-class mate of Ezra. He recounted how people didn’t socialize with Ezra as much back in Uni because they tagged him as weird (to put it lightly.

Now these same people are all over his comment.”

Hypocritical behavior”





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