If Your Husband Is Cheating, Pray, Repent And Dedicate Yourself To God



A Nigerian photographer identified as Emmanuel Okorie, has taken to Facebook to advise married women with unfaithful husbands.

He urged them to pray, repent and dedicate themselves to God if their husbands are cheating.

According to him, fighting and quarrelling when a man is unfaithful only makes it worse.
“Dear wife, if your husband is cheating, go to God in prayers, seek his face for yourself, repent and dedicate yourself to God, once your ways pleases God, then you can take authority over that spirit… We often ourselves do what displeases God in other ways but would want him to punish some other person for the wrong they did in other ways. Fighting and quarrelling will make it worse. No one deserves to be cheated on. NOTE: same applies if the wife is cheating,” he said in a Facebook post on Sunday, July 9.




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