I Wasn’t Born With A Silver Spoon, It Played A Major Role In How I Approached My Hustle Aggressively



Ex-BBNaija housemate, Ka3na has revealed that she was not born into a wealthy family, hence the reason she hustles hard.

In an Instagram post, Ka3na, who recently purchased an expensive Range Rover, shared that her humble beginnings and lack of financial privilege drove her to pursue her goals with relentless determination.

She highlighted her upbringing in a modest Christian household, noting that with no inheritance from her parents, she had to create her own wealth.

Ka3na also encouraged parents to focus on providing education, security, and plenty of love to help their children thrive.

She also stated that she would invest in her daughter’s future so that she would build her own wealth.

In her words: “I wasn’t born with a silver spoon, in fact, I wasn’t born with any spoon at all, and that played a major role in how I approached my hustle aggressively. I come from a humble Christian background, and because my parents never handed me an inheritance, I had to build wealth for myself.

As parents, we should prioritize providing quality education, security, and an abundance of love in our home to help our children grow. I will never be the parent who keeps a pile of money somewhere for my child to inherit. Instead, I will invest in her future. I want my daughter to be her own boss and build her own wealth, just like I did.

“The desire to acquire the things we want is the only valid daily motivation. Have a blessed week fam🤍”

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