I Don’t React To Every Noise – Actress, Uche Elendu Speaks Following Beef With Angela Okorie

 Uche Elendu

Uche Elendu, the popular Nollywood actress, has finally spoken up after she got called out incessantly by her colleague, Angela Okorie.

The actress said that she does not react to every noise that is directed at her.

Recall that Uche Elendu’s colleague, Angela Okorie, had taken Elendu and Anita Joseph to the cleaners on social media for what she termed their betrayal.

However, in an interview with Saturday Beats, Elendu said, “As you all know, it is only a dog that sees another dog barking and starts to bark. I am not one, so I cannot react to every noise. As far as I am concerned, there is really nothing to react to.”

Elendu also admonished actors not to turn social media into a court of public opinion whenever they had issues they were aggravated about.

She said, “We have a body where people should take their complaints to for them to be resolved amicably. But, people have turned social media to a court; thereby making a fool of themselves by ranting on issues that could be resolved amicably.

“Many people feel that going to social media would probably make the other party less attractive to brands, and give them a bad name. Most of them go on to social media to spread lies to tarnish the image of the person they are having issues with.

“Like they say, ‘a clear conscience fears no accusation’. When one is sure of who one is, one does not need to join the bandwagon. When I see things like that, I know what they are trying to do. But, I know who I am. I know that what belongs to me will definitely come to me. That’s why I pay deaf ears to things like that. They don’t move me.”

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