I Can Cook And Wash Plates Very Well – Nigerian Man In Search Of Lady Who Can Accommodate Him For 2 years


Frank Nweke Junior

A Facebook user, Frank Nweke Junior has taken to the platform to disclose that he needs a lady to accommodate him for a period of 2 years.

Nweke’s post outlined his positive qualities, emphasizing his good character and various domestic skills such as cooking, fetching water, washing clothes, mopping the house, and washing dishes.

The Facebook post quickly drew attention, with users sharing their opinions on Nweke’s unconventional request.

While some criticized his search for a short-term relationship, others defended his right to choose the type of companionship he desires.

He wrote;

“Guys. Please I Need A Lady that can Accommodate me for Just 2 yrs Please, Trust me I Get good character, I can Cook, fetch water, wash clothes, mob house, wash plates and I can wash plate very well.”

See below;


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