“I am traumatized” Mabel Makun cries out


Interior designer and wife of comedian AY Makun, Mabel Makun has been left traumatized over the violence in several polling units.


The mother of two took to Caroline Danjuma’s comment section to express how she feels about 2023 general election.

Caroline had put up a post motivating Nigerians to keep fighting for their rights.

She noted how a lot of people have been left broken, depressed, hopeless because of intimidation and rigging at several polling units.

Instilling hope in them, she reminded them about the hunger, unemployment, hardships and sufferings in the country.

She told them to fight to finish and win.

“I know a lot of you feel broken, depressed already or loosing hope because of the intimidation or obvious rigging…..this is what they want, they want you to give up.

Remember the hunger, the unemployment, the sufferings, what your parents and you have been through. The hardship you have faced from heartless people.

Let this motivate you, WE FIGHT TO FINISH AND WE WILL WIN.

We will not accept a stolen victory. We don’t accept a rugged election…. We are not social media warriors. We are Nigerian citizens”.

Commenting under her post, Mabel Makun revealed that she is traumatized.

“I am traumatized”.

Chioma Akpotha cries out in fear as thugs attack her polling unit

Kilamity reported that Chioma Akpotha was attacked by thugs at her polling unit.

The movie star had cried out in fear after being attacked at her polling unit in Lagos.

Though not disclosing her location, Chioma Akpotha revealed that she was mishandled by her fellow women.

The actress, who was on Instagram live captured the moment political thugs disrupted her polling unit and scattered ballot boxes.

Many of the voters, present at the polling unit were seen running helter skelter for safety, while others were seen challenging the thugs.

However, normalcy was restored at her polling unit as voters were able to cast their vote orderly with the present of armed forces.

Chioma wasn’t the only celebrity attacked at her polling unit. Singer Falz, was also attacked and had his phone seized.


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