He Got Exactly What He Wanted – Social Media Users React To Video Of Man Who was Excited After Seeing His Wife’s Face For The First Time After Wedding (Video)



A video has captured the moment a groom who had an ‘arranged marriage’ was overjoyed after unveiling his wife’s face for the first time after their wedding.


After taking off a part of her veil, the man burst into uncontrollable laughter and exhibited joyful gestures over the sight he beheld.

See Video Below;

 Social media users opined that he was happy to see his bride as she was above his expectations of beauty and ‘spec’.

See Reactions Below;

@omalishan reacted: “When they arrange marriage for you and then, she turns out to be your crush.”

@ife luv12 reacted: “He got exactly what he ordered.”

@eajakad commented: “Brand new package, zero body count. No be slay queen.”

@chyddo commented: “When you receive exactly what you ordered. Bro don carry blood tonic. No more rheumatism.”

@governorscousin reacted: “Tear rubber zero mileage.”

@sadeeq_abdoulsamad said: “My Muslim brothers let gather here.”

@greatman7500 said: “Exactly what he ordered he got it.”

@thisisdamii commented: “What he ordered is even more impressing than what he was expecting”.



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