From Podcast To Podium, Women Are Being Told To Perform Tricks To Get A Man



Zainab Balogun


Nigerian actress, Zainab Balogun has lamented about the constant advice given to women to perform tricks and change themselves just to get a man.

She stated that women are subjected to what to wear, and how to act for them to get a man.

She appealed to women to be mindful of the online content they consume and urged people to stop influencing the performative nature of womanhood.

She wrote on Instagram: “From podcast to podium, women are being told to perform tricks to get a man for the sake of ‘just get him!’ We’re in a simulation.

“I’m tired of women constantly being the viral subject—what to wear, how to act, how to show up, the perfect body? I tweeted this after watching yet another video telling women how to attract a man, specifically advising hiding the natural state of one’s hair. Please be mindful of the content you consume; some exploit sensitive issues for profit with banter.

“Let’s stop influencing the performative nature of womanhood.”




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