Financially Bullying A Woman Into Staying With You Has To Be The Most Disgusting Thing A Man Can Do – Sophia Momodu


Davido’s babymama, Sophia Momodu has taken to Twitter to speak against women being subjected to “financial bullying” by men.


According to the mother of one, it is disgusting for men to financially bully a woman into staying with them especially when children are involved.

Sophia who stated that there is a special place in hell for such people, added that laws in Nigeria do not protect women or children.

The businesswoman didn’t disclose who the tweet was addressed to, but stated that “it’s been over a year and enough is enough”.

She Tweeted;

“Financially bullying a woman into staying with you has got to be the most disgusting thing a man can do. Especially when children are involved.

“There’s got to be a special place in hell for people who intentionally punish innocent children. It’s been almost a year. Enough is enough!!!!

Only in Nigeria! The laws don’t protect women or children & the men just do the absolute most! My goodness the whole system just stinks!

“The amount of women going through financial abuse & being forced into silence in Nigeria is staggering. Who speaks for these women? Who defends them? Why is it ok for women to keep going through this?

“Why should it be ok for a man to force a woman to handle he’s responsibilities as a father simply because the woman chooses to move forward & refuses to look back?

“Honestly it’s time to soro soke because weyre lo poju ni country yi. This cannot be ok. This should not be ok. So many women are forced into silence because these men use other ignorant women to bully & force the women they’re tormenting into silence. #ShameOnThisCorruptSystem

“The enabling, the scheming, the lies & false narratives… ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Too many women have had to resort to su*cide concerning this systematic oppression & the ones who chose to be strong for their children are considered stubborn or problematic.

The crazy thing in all of this is that you’ll find fellow ‘women’ dehumanizing these innocent women. Haba

“I’ve said what I feel like saying today. Tomorrow we continue with the blatant truth. Enough is enough! #TheSystemNeedsToDoMore #ForWomenInNigeria”


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