Drama As Judy Austin Blocks Yul Edochie From Driving Out During An Argument (Video)



Yul Edochie and Judy Austin


A video has captured the moment Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie was prevented from going out by his second wife, Judy Austin.

The viral clip, which was shared on Yul’s page, captured the moment Judy Austin stopped him as he was about to drive away.

Judy Austin was standing in the middle of the road, blocking Yul’s path and demanding that he get out of his car.

Yul was initially taken aback to see Judy standing in the street. He exclaimed, “Is that not Judy?”

Upon spotting Yul, Judy instructed him to turn off the ignition and exit the vehicle.

Yul questioned why he should step out of his own car, to which Judy responded that she wanted to have a conversation with him. She wanted him to explain why he had asked her friend to leave their house.

Yul urged Judy to leave the road and discuss the matter later at home, but Judy insisted on addressing it right there on the road.

In a defiant manner, Judy asserted that she would not move from the road and threatened to strip naked in public, daring Yul to run her over.

Watch Video Below:


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