DOWNLOAD: Ero – Latest 2018 Yoruba Intriguing Movie| Femi Adebayo| Ebun Oloyede| Toyin Adegbola|

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Often time people de-value the importance of a girl child, Bunmi a 16year old is a typical example of those times because she was sold out in marriage to an elderly man by her parents because they were poor and could easily be manipulated by the gifts her suitor provided, Well they got served hot as it all ended in a tragedy in the movie “ERO”.

Starring-Femi Adebayo, Ebun Oloyede, Toyin Adegbola, Oluwaseun Johnson, Yomi Olorunlolaye etc Producer- Oluwaseun Johnson, Executive Producer- Ibrahim Adeoti,
Directed by Okiki Afolayan.


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