Court bans Korra Obidi and Justin Dean from posting their children on social media


A California court in the United States of America bans the famous dancer, Korra Obidi, and her ex-husband, Justin Dean, from posting their kids on social media.


The couple have been through a back and forth social media battles during their marriage before it crashed last year.

Korra Obidi informed her followers earlier this week that Justin Dean started another court case in an attempt to take her kids from her after their daughter complained about hunger under her mother’s care.

A day after, Justin released a photo of him and their daughters with a caption that appeared to taunt Korra.

In a court document dated January 19th 2022, the ex-couple, who are parents to June Dean and Athena Dean, were banned from posting videos, photos or live-stream of their children or any content that have their children in it on social media until further notice.

The court order partly reads, “Neither party may post any videos, photos or live-stream the minor children on any social media platform nor allow the minor children to appear in any picture, video or live-stream posted to any social media platform without further Court Order.

Neither party may take video, photos or live stream any interaction between the parties in this matter until further Court Order.”


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