Concerts Are Organized By Satanists For Ritualistic Purposes And To Steal Your Glory


A Nigerian Instagram influencer has warned people to stop attending concerts because they are organized to steal one’s glory.

She made this known via her Instagram account, @bulamabinta_, where she has over 200k followers.

According to her, concerts are organized by satanists for initiations which people are unaware of.

She shared a testimony from an ex-satanist who used to be an event planner for popular concerts and events.

According to his testimony, he was tasked with the responsibility of getting 5000 souls at their satanists conference and to do that, he organized a lot of concerts and parties to get the victims.

The business coach claims that unless one is a good Christian, most people are usually insensitive to observing the demonic patterns at concerts.

She begged citizens to stop going to these parties and pray so their spiritual eyes can be open and they can see things for themselves as these parties are reasons why many lives are going sideways.

Watch Video Below;

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