Comedy Video: Officer Woos ft. Sir Balo – End Sars


Popular Instagram comedian officer woos is back with a new comedy skit titled END SARS- OFFICER WOOS | SIR BALO


We are tired of saying the same thing, We are tired of creating hashtags for the same topic every year. We are now afraid of SARS than ROBBERS. We have never heard where looking good and living a good life appears to be a crime. We want to be FREE! Its time to #EndSars and their brutalities. We can’t continue to lose friends and families to those who are appointed to protect us. We are tired.

Just like this video depicts, if things are not fixed early it will be disastrous. VERY SOON, BUSH MEAT GO FIRE THE HUNTER.

Featuring: Sir Balo, Kastropee, Moblack



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