Bus Driver Blocks Road After Policeman Tears His Passenger’s Bag (Video)


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A viral video has captured the moment a driver confronted a police officer for harassing his passengers and in the process tore a bag of a traveller during a “routine” search on his vehicle.


The aggrieved bus driver who was on his way to Umuahia, Abia state’s capital, was heard narrating what happened between them and one of the police officers who whipped out his phone to also record the scene with his colleague.

He accused the police officer of tearing a passenger’s bag during the search and refusing to pay for the damage.

What the security operative muttered while the bus driver laid out his grievance was inaudible. He (bus driver) went on to say he won’t be moving his vehicle which he blocked the road with, until the policeman pays for the damage.

Watch Video Below;