Bianca Censori Confirms Marriage To Kanye West (Video)



Kanye West and Bianca Censori


Bianca Censori, the head of architecture at Yeezy has confirmed that she is married to rapper, Kanye West.

Censori has been romantically linked with the fashion designer since January, two months after his divorce from Kim Kardashian was finalised.

She is credited as the head designer for Yeezy, West’s fashion brand.

Censori, 27, is rumoured to have married 45-year-old West earlier this year in a non-legally binding ceremony. The couple were recently seen holding hands in California.

On Friday, TikTok influencer gratefulboynuee posted an interaction with Censori in which she confirmed that she was married.

The 26-second-long clip features Censori only, as gratefulboynuee asks her questions about her day.

After complimenting the video-maker compliments her level of eye contact, Censori laughs and says: “Thanks! Are you just shopping around?”

Later in their short conversation, the TikToker asks: “Can I get your number?” to which Censori replies: “I’m married!”

“Yea Married To Kanye,” reads the video’s caption with a raised eyebrow emoji.

Watch Video Below;


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