#BBTitans: Khosi breaks up with Yemi after being blamed for kissing Miracle, BlaqBoi ‘raw’ (Video)


Love bird of the BBTitans reality show, Khosi breaks up with her partner, Yemi Cregx following an accusation of persistent flirting with Blue Aiva.


This came after Cregx snuck out of bed like he does every now and then to share kisses with his second love interest.

Khosi afterwards announced that she was done with the relationship with Yemi over an argument about his continual flirting with Blue Aiva.

Yemi who was not going down without a fight accused her of being inappropriate during a truth or dare game where she kissed Miracle and BlaqBoi recklessly on Friday.

“You kissed the guy I have issues with raw,” he insisted as Khosi defends herself from being tagged ‘crazy.’

She refused to be blamed for everything that transpired in their relationship and broke up with her love interest.

Watch the video below …


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