I Was Aroused When I Kissed Seyi Shay On Movie Set – Vector

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Award-winning rapperVectorbesides music has made a sojourn into the movies. So far Vector has acted in Nollywood movies “June” and the latest “Lara And The Beat“. The rap star played the lead role in “Lara And The Beat” where he had the opportunity to work with songstressSeyi Shay.

The “Adurah” crooner in his latest interview shared his experience as he continued to explore the movie industry. He reminisced what he felt while having to work closely with Seyi Shay. The two music stars had a lot of chemistry going for them while on the movie set.

“Seyi Shay and I had been friends for a while even before the movie but it was not awkward kissing her. It takes a level of expertise to kiss. someone and try your best to suppress your feelings while you do it, especially with Seyi Shay. I won’t deceive you, I was aroused when I kissed her but I had to control myself. It is all about the control, I mean we are talking about Seyi, she is beautiful,” he said.

On pursuing a relationship with Seyi Shay, Vector maintained that he is open minded.

“I am not trying to predict the future but you would never know, something could happen between us. At this point, Lara and the Beat was an awesome project. Let us leave it at that for now.”

Vector in his interview talked about a new skill he had to learn while on set of “Lara and the Beat”.

“My experience on the set of Lara and the Beat was an amazing one and I even had to learn how to ride a power bike because of the movie. It was a crash course so I had to learn how to ride the power bike in less than a week. I had nursed some fears while I was learning how to ride a bike.

The truth is that I learnt how to swim when I realised that the amount of water it takes to drown in the ocean is the same amount it takes for someone to choke while eating. I can be scared of riding a bike but that is all it would be, fear. I have to learn to conquer it and move on with life,” he said.

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