Unbelievable! See How A Deer Defeated A Tiger In Butu & Bloody Fight (Ptuneos)

A deer has done the most bravery by defeating a massive tiger in a bloody and Butu fight in India.

The deer fought Butuly with the tiger before escaping
This is the unbelievable moment a deer fought back against a dangerous tiger and managed to escape to safety.
The predator pounced on the Sambar deer while it was hunting for food for its four cubs in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, in Madhya Pardesh, India, Dailymail reports.
The shocking battle happened for 20 long minutes as the deer refused to give up even when the tiger had its jaws around the deer’s throat.
But despite being pinned to the ground and covered in its own blood, her prey managed to wriggle free – kicking the tiger in the face before bounding off into the forest to safety.
The dramatic scene was caught on camera by wildlife ptuneographer Sudhir Shivaram.
Sudhir, 43, from Bangalore, said: ‘This tigress has four cubs, and has to hunt frequently to feed them. When we were out on safari, we saw the tigress chasing a Sambar deer who was running down the hill.
‘She tripped the deer up and tried to bring it down. The whole fight lasted for about 20 minutes – the deer was a fighter.

‘He never gave up, and spent the whole time trying to escape – the tigress tried repeatedly to bring him down."

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